What 2030 Might Be Like!

what 2030 might be like! From the technologies  that might be invented, to the  political structure of things,  and how human life as a whole will grow!  Allow us to show you what 2030 might be like! To start, let’s look at the world as  it is right now in 2021. In short,  it’s not exactly the best place for all sorts  of reasons. There’s of course the pandemic that  absolutely ravaged the world and is still doing  that for the record, the tensions between nations,  between the government and its people, and  of course, a very strong desire for equality  among all races and orientations makes turning  on the news a bit…tenuous as you all know  that something bad is going to be talked about.  Including many things that we didn’t even mention.  And there’s no doubt that there’s going to be  many of these issues still when we get to 2030,  so is there really something to  look forward to in all of that? Well, yes, even if it doesn’t seem like it at  first. For example, one thing that more than  likely will have happened by 2030 is the first  manned mission to Mars. We say this because as  of right now both NASA and SpaceX are working  on making this happen right now. In fact,  they’re already doing massive tests to see  just how viable some of their crafts are  in terms of their ability to get to Mars. SpaceX especially has gone and made great  strides in the Mars mission because they were the  ones who have tried to make it happen for almost  two decades now. SpaceX was built by Elon Musk  to go and invigorate the Space Race once again  and they’ve succeeded in doing that. According to  Elon Musk, the goal is to have a craft ready to  send to Mars in the next few years. Colonizing  Mars in full won’t happen until much later,  but as for 2030, by that time (barring certain  difficulties and accidents on missions of course),  we could find ourselves celebrating  not just getting to Mars,  but going there multiple times. Because the goal is not a one-off trip.  They want to test themselves getting there,  living there for a little while, coming back,  and then going back to the red planet within a  fair span of time to start the colonizing process.  Musk himself has noted many times on Twitter that  he wants a fully colonized home on Mars by 2050,  and if SpaceX really does get us to Mars by  2030, that dream will very much be intact. But that’s a little far from home, wouldn’t you  say? So what about all the things here on Earth  that will likely be happening by 2030? Well,  ironically, a big thing that hopefully will have  happened by 2030 is a huge overhauling of power  supplies across the planet from fossil fuels to  Green Energy. And if you’re thinking, “Isn’t that  something Elon Musk is doing?” Yes, yes it is. Because if you look at our world right now in  2021, Elon Musk via his company Tesla, as we well  as other companies who are following suit, are  working hard to not just make electric cars,  but get them distributed all over the world. Tesla has been doing this since the early 2000s,  but only in recent years have they  seen not just a boom in success,  but people being willing to try them out.  Furthermore, Elon Musk is making “gigafactories”  to go and make even more of the cars so that  they can fit the demand that is growing. “But what does this have to do with  converting to Green Energy”, you ask?  Simple, it has EVERYTHING to do with it. Because  one of the biggest polluters in the world today  aren’t the factories that make things or the  homes we live in, it’s the vehicles we drive!  There are approximately 1.4 billion  cars in the world right now.  And while it’s fair to say that not all  of them are driven every single day,  every time we drive them we pollute  the area in massive quantities.  Switching to electric cars eliminates that part  of the fossil fuel problem. It’ll take a while  to convert everyone, but in 9 years time? That’s  a lot of potential electric cars out on the road. Furthermore, many nations of the world (including  the United States now that President Joe Biden  leading the nation) are aiming to go and eliminate  as many fossil fuels from their processes of life  by 2030 and beyond. We won’t be in a  cleaner world, mind you, but every step  in every single year that we live in matters.  So by 2030 we might be able to severely curb  or even severely drop the fossil fuel usage  that we have. Which would be a big step indeed. Before we continue to break down how 2030  looks, be sure to like or dislike the video  and let us know how you think we can improve  so we can give you the best videos possible! Another reason that Green Energy conversion is  important is because another major element when  it comes to 2030 is the cities that we live in.  How so? Well, if you take a look around the world,  especially in places like China, Hong Kong, the  United Arab Emirates, and more, construction is  going on at a massive rate. Mainly because many  of these nations are looking to revolutionize  their cities to be both “more modernized”  as well as be “futurized” in their own way. A great example of this can be very easily found  in the UAE. Because the UAE has been overhauling  Dubai for years in order to convert it  from just a popular Middle East city  and the home of certain religious  attractions to being a place of pure tourism  and changing the perception of the UAE as a whole. If you don’t believe us, take a look at how Dubai  looked even just a decade or so ago, and how it  looks now. They’re constantly and consistently  going and building themselves new buildings to  sell space in, new attractions for people going to  see, and even building man-made islands in  order to fit more of their attractions in there. China is doing this on a different  scale as they’re trying to modernize  their cities so that they can fit  their rapidly growing population.  In recent years they even made a giant bridge  to Hong Kong to help expedite delivery of goods  and to help ferry people across the body  of water that separates them much faster. As if all of that wasn’t enough, the rapper known  as Akon is taking the idea of a future city to new  levels in Senegal. As he’s gotten permission  to go and build a multi-billion dollar city  within the nation that’ll rival the size  of its capital and yet be able to be run  completely on cryptocurrency. It’ll have  places to live, plenty of places to work,  and be able to accommodate all sorts of people in  order to fit their needs. Should this work, more  cities like it will be built throughout Africa. So just in terms of how cities look,  2030 could be very different in certain parts  of the world. But let’s also look at a certain  other thing we just mentioned, cryptocurrency. You see, right now, the “desire” to go and use  cryptocurrency like BitCoin, DogeCoin and other  entities like it is a bit mixed between those  who are willing to risk it (and many have made  millions off of that) and then those who feel  that this digital currency is nothing but a con  job (which has been proven in certain ways via  the volatility of the amount that cryptocurrency  “has”). However, despite the mixed feelings,  more and more people, especially big time business  people like Mark Cuban and Elon Musk, are buying  into this and the results of this could lead to  a wave of major businesses and even governments  converting to cryptocurrency. They logically  won’t do this in full as that’s a risky endeavor.  But, by 2030, you’re going to likely find a LOT of  people dealing just in Cryptocurrency of various  types rather than dealing with paper cash. What else is there to look forward to in  2030? Well, let’s talk the potential of  medicines by the time the new decade comes  around. Because right now, as the pandemic  continues to rage on, a lot of eyes are on  medicines to try and help us contain and resist  the virus that has taken the lives of many.  The problem is that medicine is a science…but  not an exact one in terms of WHEN we’ll figure  things out. The pandemic vaccine for example in  “normal time” wouldn’t have come out for years.  But concentrated efforts were put out to go and  make sure it got made so people could be cured,  and even then, sometimes there were issues (like  the recent Johnson & Johnson vaccine pausing). However, there are some who are in the  mindset that by 2030 we’ll have not just  better medical procedures, we’ll be able to  go and do “fixing” on a genetic level. Yes,  we’re talking about gene editing. Technically speaking, we already  have gene editing right now as there  are some hospitals and clinical trials  that are able to do gene editing on a certain  level, and only in very specific circumstances. But, as years go on and those trials and  tests expand? The possibilities are endless,  and that’s what many in the medical and  science field are trying to achieve.  Because think of it like this. Instead of having  a multiple step vaccine, you could have your genes  edited to go and naturally resist all non-natural  bioprocesses. Sounds pretty nice, right? Plus, with the advent of new technology (which  grows every single year) we find ourselves with  the possibility of new advances in medicine  that we likely can’t even picture for now.  Who knows? We might even have a  cure for all types of cancer by 2030  and that would be quite a  thing, wouldn’t you agree? Speaking of new technologies, many people are of  course wondering about the entertainment features  that we are likely to go and have when the  next decade comes. Because right now we have  TVs that go and display pictures in 4K and it’s a  beautiful thing, but where can we go from there? The question here is one of immersion, and many  companies are already working on that via VR  headsets to truly let you “feel” like you’re a  part of something. But as technology advances,  there’s little doubt that they’re going  to go more digital and less hardware. By that we’re talking about holographic  projections of the movie or show you’re  watching or video game you’re playing. Imagine instead of watching a movie on  whatever size TV you have, you can just project a  holographic screen of the size you want, and the  distance you want it from your position? Exactly.  No more having to “get closer to the TV” when the  TV can go and get closer to you. There’s also some  who believe that the programs could eventually be  beamed directly to your eyes to REALLY get you up  close and personal with the program. Then, there’s  holograms that you might be able to interact  with should the right technology come along. But the obvious question about futuristic  technology is that of…AI. Artificial  Intelligence. Will we really be at a place in  time where they are not just super advanced,  but everywhere? More than likely, yes. There’s already A.I. in the world right now,  and it’s getting smarter every day. To  the point that some of them know how to  understand your patterns and even help  you in ways you wouldn’t expect them to. Some predict that by 2030 we’ll be each having  our own A.I. companion to go and use for whatever  needs we may have. Sure, this might lead  to Skynet eventually, but by 2030, they’re  likely to be just “dumb enough” to help out. Obviously, there’s a lot of things we haven’t  talked about, including all the bad things  that are likely to be with us still in 2030.  Injustice, inequality, a wasting of natural  resources, waste that is just piled up in  landfills, it’s a lot. And hopefully, by  2030 some of those things will be dealt with. But there are things that is for certain.  The world will be “more advanced” in 2030,  it’s just the question of what  things will be advanced first. Thanks for watching! What did you think of  this look at 2030 and how things might look  in nine years time? Which of these advances or  endeavors do you feel might honestly come true?  Or are we overestimating what is going to  happen? Let us know in the comments below,  be sure to subscribe and we’ll  see you next time on the channel!

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